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This seemed bizarre to me, particularly because Zac just had an interview in People magazine where he talked about how in love he used to be with her. I think the time Zac and Vanessa have taken to be apart from each other is healthy, but ultimately, I hope they get back together.First of all, they were each other’s first loves, which is a special connection that lasts the test of time.Additionally, they knew one another before they were famous.In fact, their connection was so deep during their audition, they got the job in large part based off their incredible chemistry. After they shot , Zac and Vanessa’s careers peaked at the same time — they both became household names immediately.

He adores Vanessa and they gel really well together. So she's happy that he proposed." It has been reported the couple - who met on the set of "High School Musical" - hope to tie the knot sometime next year.] ther not married zac sad it him self that's just a rumer!!

According to reports and what I’ve heard from sources, she had a wandering eye while she was shooting her movie in Hawaii and completely wrecked her relationship with Zac. That said, Zac and Vanessa were too young to be that serious anyway at that point.

They didn’t need to run off and get married before they were even 25 — which is why I think it’s healthy they’ve spent the last year and a half seeing other people.

However, at the end of the day, I want them to end up together.

Not only are they an incredibly attractive pair, they GET each other.

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