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Towards that end, Twitter Bootstrap is HTML5 CSS boilerplate, which encapsulates the design aesthetic of Twitter and adds-on Responsive UI elements to help build a modern looking web sites.The Twitter Bootstrap package consists of predefined CSS styles, Components and j Query plugins.The query itself is very simple in this case, wherein we are checking for max-width media feature.As per W3C specs, there are thirteen such media features. So a media query is essentially a condition on a particular ‘media feature’ based on which a completely different set of CSS styles can be picked for each condition that is checked.Thus irrespective of which browser you are viewing it in, the view changes to accommodate itself to the best possible fit. NET MVC 4 has support for this built-in via the View Switcher Controller and using targeted mobile CSS Java Script libraries j Query. It is okay to choose one way over the other depending on the intended audience and level of interaction required with the site.In this article, we will see in-depth how we can leverage CSS3 Media Queries and view-port detection to build responsive UI. If the site is all about consumption of information, a CSS3 Media Query approach works fine.NET MVC 4 or Twitter Bootstrap come in and make our lives easier.These templates provide us with a prebuilt set of styles and scripts that have the most common sizes considered and are easy to extend. NET MVC 4 template, following are some of the samples of the default ASP. NET CSS bootstrap is a good starter template, but is kind of muted in terms of design aesthetics.

In the above condition, we have a css class section-width.

A scaled version of the two images is as follows: The behavior of the ASP.

NET site is achieved via CSS3 Media Queries and view-port width detection.

Okay great, now that we know the width of our page, how does this help in making them appear ‘nice’ on each of these devices? Back in HTML4/CSS2 days there were two different media types supported, ‘screen’ and ‘print’.

These allowed explicit labeling of Style Sheets are per the target purpose.

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