Wow armoury not updating

While locked the sheet can be dragged to another position (right-click).# Revised tooltip content in summary sheet.# Improved tooltip anchoring in summary sheet.==== v9.5.1 ====# Removed overlooked pet attribute code which is now meaningless and can result in a 'effective Stat nil' error.# Added an extra check to prevent an argument error when checking for mail expiration.# Non trade skills (e.g.Runeforging) were still scanned; this had been fixed.# If counts are included for all realms '@realm' will now be appended to the name (note: separate setting for guild banks).# Guild bank item count faction comparison was still based on character data; this has been fixed.==== v9.5.0 ====# Adjustments have been made for patch 4.0.6.==== v9.4.10 ====# Opening the last active chat for linking didn't work anymore; this has been fixed.# Added logic to prevent partial storage of pet data which results in a 'effective Stat nil' error.# Included updated French and Korean translations.# When the overlay frame was shown the character frame became unmovable; this has been fixed.# Selecting a pet from page 2 or above didn't show the correct details; this has been fixed.# Keyring update was not correctly triggered anymore; this has been fixed.# Enabling bag layout in inventory icon view could result in an error when a keyring had some empty slots; this has been fixed.# Event module now ignores calendar filters but will include active raid lockouts even if the filter is disabled.# Trade skills were not stored correctly anymore when an item name filter was active; this has been fixed.==== v9.4.6 ====# Icon tooltip anchoring changed to support bottom screen positions.# Fixed trade skill cooldowns in the event module.==== v9.4.5 ====# Attempt to fix a socketing update issue with missing tooltip data.# Comparison tooltip scale is now set the same as the game tooltip.# Equipment tooltip is now shifted to the right when a flyout is shown.# Changed 'prismatic' into 'other' because of engineering sockets.# If for some reason the socket type can't be established the gem info will now be shown under 'other' instead of generating an error.# The warning message wasn't shown anymore when a trade skill frame was toggled instead of explicitly closed; this has been fixed.# Anchoring and scaling changed for character browse buttons.# When moving the mouse from the head slot to the right browse button the tooltip contents weren't always updated; this has been fixed.# Added support for new Gear Score (Player Score).# Added support for Atlas Loot v6.# Closing a trade skill window could result in an error; this has been fixed.# Trade skills weren't updated anymore when filtered; this has been fixed.# Item comparison tooltips weren't shown anymore for buyable or trainable items; this has been fixed.# Changed the 'unknown sender' mail warning.==== v9.3.3 ====# Included updated German translations.# Water elemental pet icon was missing; this has been fixed.# Equipment updates were triggered too many times; this has been fixed.# Logic has been added to skip socketing updates when, for some reason, data is lacking.# Adjustments have been made for patch 4.0.3.==== v9.2.6 ====Note: you'll need to login with an alt before all data is available.# Added socket information to the character sheet.# Overlay drop down selections are now saved per character.# Currency has been added to the summary sheet.# Pawn button became 'inactive' when the overlay is shown; this has been fixed.# ' Already known' wasn't shown for current character's glyphs; this has been fixed.# Added logic to prevent trade skill updates when not all data is available yet.# New o Glow didn't work with recipe details; this has been fixed.# Trade skills are now always rescanned when the skill frame is closed.# Added temporary fix for 4.0.3 (beta).# Added a warning if an unknown sender is detected while scanning the inbox.# When entering the world scans are now only performed when the option is set or in case there is no data.# Lookup frame sometimes didn't show the drop downs when opened for the first time; this has been fixed.==== v9.1.19 ====# Included Korean translations.# Displaying the mastery tooltip could result in an error; this has been fixed.# Title selection drop down fell behind some elements of the overlay frame; this has been fixed.# Moved the overlay checkbox to the lower left corner of the character frame.# Resilience was missing from the defense stats; this has been fixed.# Under certain circumstances a guild bank messaging error could occur; this has been fixed.==== v9.1.18 ====# ' Already known' in tooltips has been extended with known glyphs.# Under certain circumstances the game could freeze; this may have been fixed.# Side tabs weren't updated when a new trade skill was scanned; this has been fixed.# Loosened up recipe comparison because learned and unlearned names may differ.# The current character is now removed from the ' Already known' list.# Added a work-around for wrong API return values to make binary storage possible again.# Using '/ar check ended with a zero; this has been fixed.# The countdown of seasonal debuffs, like ' Tricked or Treated', and the ' Deserter' debuff is now maintained.# An indication that a recipe is learnable by one of your characters is now added to its tooltip.# An indication that a recipe eventually will be learnable by one of your characters is now added to its tooltip.# Runeforging is no longer tracked (note: the database update may remove other professions).# When doing an exact search with '/ar find' the enclosing quotes were removed; this has been fixed.# Tinkers are now included in tooltips and extended search.# Maybe fixed a glyph frame issue.# Currencies didn't show counts anymore; this has been fixed.# Buffs tooltips and timers were not always shown correctly; this has been fixed.# An option has been added to use Armory's layout in the character frame when it is collapsed.# Gear Score support has been added to the overlay.# Some other minor changes.==== v9.0.7 ====Note: All data will be reset due to major API changes.# Final release for patch 4.0.1 / beta 4.0.3==== v8.2.8 ====# Daily quests and random battlegrounds and dungeons have been added to the quest log.of the ...") are now taken into account (rescan needed).==== v10.1.4 ====# Tradeskill window didn't show the number of skill-ups and hovering over it would result in an error; this has been fixed.# With multiple subheaders tradeskills where unintentionally filtered due to a lot of nil values returned by the API call; this has been fixed.# Parent removed from tooltip allocation.# Window of an unscanned tradeskill didn't close when switching characters; this has been fixed.# Link references to tradeskills from characters on another realm have been removed because they are invalid anyhow.# Core adapted to changed Get Item Quality Color API# Known glyphs were shown as learnable; this has been fixed.==== v10.1.3 ====# Another attempt to fix tradeskill subheaders...==== v10.1.2 ====# Positioning in reputation frame has been adjusted.# Subheaders were not shown in tradeskill frame; this has been fixed.# Some minor DB changes.==== v10.1.1 ====# A recipe was shown as learnable when the reputation requirement was met but the rank wasn't; this has been fixed.# Runeforging temporarily popped up as a profession; this has been fixed.==== v10.1.0 ====# When more than one character is of the same class and one doesn't have glyphs an error would pop-up when known glyphs tooltip info was calculated; this has been fixed.# Gold didn't get updated properly; this had been fixed.# Data sharing module has finally been adapted and is included again (character lookup is simplified though).# Column sorting support has been added to the summary sheet.# Finished some other loose ends that where still on the version 10 to-do list.

This test will occur on 2/10/16 (Tuesday) for the US, EU, and KR regions, and regular updates as to the status and duration of this test will be posted here.

The last completion (server) time will be recorded up to a maximum of one week.

Note: Non-holiday battlegrounds will not be stored in case of a disconnect; this is a technical limitation.# Events have been added to the summary sheet.# Mail check on start-up is now delayed for 5 seconds.# Under certain circumstances an error could occur when instance data was updated; this has been fixed.==== v8.1.5 ====# Lookup didn't find matches anymore; this has been fixed.# Included updated German translations.==== v8.1.4 ====# Command line arguments included in quotes (e.g.

For those interested: I drink black, extra dark roast. And finally the members of the Neighbours guild (Pluis! Armory has been released into the public domain on November 2007. If enabled, shift right-clicking an artifact in Armory will open the power UI.# Inactive talents will now be stored as well as soon as they get activated.# An option has been added to disable warning messages.# Included updated German translations.# Connected realms were not recognized anymore due to API changes; this has been fixed.==== v13.3.0 ====# Adjustments have been made for patch 7.1.0.# Debug mode is now persistent.# Reduces rescanning to 1 attempt instead of 3 and tries to prevent useless retries.==== v13.2.0 ====# Armory's trade skill update was triggered when no trade skill was open and therefore resulted in a warning message; this has been fixed.==== v13.1.0 ====# Made some changes to aid Armory's Elv UI and Tuk UI skin.# An option has been added to disable changing the UI scale using the mouse wheel.==== v13.0.1 ====# When the trade skill frame has been replaced by an add-on, an error may occur when Armory tries to fetch the data; this has been fixed.==== v13.0.0 ====# Adjustments have been made for patch 7.0.3.

Sorry it took so long, but a lot of rewriting was involved.

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