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* Took the blame for Claudia's death after Michael killed her while defending Carly and Josslyn. He grew up in NY with a horrid stepfather who beat Sonny's mother and kept him locked in closets.* Reunited with and married Brenda when she returned to town. The terror came to an end when Sonny befriended a 'connected' man in his neighborhood who had his stepfather killed. He befriended a young man named, Stone Cates,and took him under his wing.

* Married Claudia as a business arrangement rather than for love. Current: Crime Lord Current: Coffee Importer Past: Co-owner of Deception Cosmetics with Laura Spencer - gave his share to Carly Past: Partner in Luke's Blues Club Past: Partner in L&B Records Past: Owner of the Paradise Lounge Sonny Corinthos appeared in Port Charles as the owner of the Paradise Lounge, a local strip club.

Sonny and Brenda reunited, but on the day of their wedding, Sonny left her at the altar.

He didn't return to town until after he heard of her death.

He offered emotional support to Stone's girlfriend, Robin Scorpio, niece of the Police Commissioner, as she faced having to be tested for the disease herself.

She and Stone had failed to use protection while having sex.

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* Arrested for locking Skye Quartermaine in a boathouse - not guilty.

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