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Junior Soprano was spared when he was indicted by the federal government, along with underboss Joseph "Beppy" Sasso and capo Lawrence "Larry Boy" Barese, and because Tony wished to keep him as the lightning rod that took the hits for the Family.

At first, Tony said he was robbed by two black men, but he later admitted to Dr. that he had a panic attack after arguing with his mother and passed out, missing the hijack.

When Jackie Aprile died in the summer of 1999, and tensions between Junior and Tony were at an all-time high, it was assumed that the two would go to war over the top position.

Tony instead deferred to Junior, giving him the official title as Boss.

Ercole Di Meo was convicted and given a life sentence in prison in 1995.

Jackie Aprile was named Acting Boss of the family by Di Meo, much to the chagrin of Junior Soprano.

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