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Poised for stardom in the UK, he decided instead to return to Hollywood, where his European accomplishments meant little -- he was back to auditioning for roles, and there were many more auditions than roles.

His first American sitcom was Maybe This Time, but Ferguson was deep in the credits as an unscrupulous cook in a coffee shop, while the show revolved around Marie Osmond as a recent divorce and Betty White as her worldly-wise mother.

Not much is there but you will notice under “about” it says she is married to Ferguson, you can also se another snap of them there.

That’s exactly how I run my professional life, so golf should be no different. Are you two friends, or did you just meet him at the party? I don’t know if that’s such a thing that friendships are based on, but maybe. It’s a tricky spot because now, in the days of the internet …

He even dispensed skin-care tips and relationship advice in the course of apologizing for having to reschedule a previously scheduled interview due to the fact that he was in the technological black hole that is rural Scotland. Prefers petting his Labrador retriever to reading comments sections.

The Scottish-American performer geeked out with us discussing the ins and outs of stand-up comedy, as well as the abominations that are shoes shaped like feet and Kenny G’s saxophone solos. Which I think makes me a bad candidate for the internet, and perhaps very out of date. He specializes in entertainment, politics and celebrity interviews.

Second time was to Sascha Corwin with whom he fathered a child, a son born in 2001.

Searching for more on beautiful Megan we came across a profile on a site called Fame Game.

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I was just like, ‘I feel like I’m done,’ ” “We were all fine and were tying up loose ends.

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