Who first found out that monica and chandler were dating

Joey is relieved that enough people know that they can finally confront their friends about their relationship, but Phoebe and Rachel decide to mess with them instead, for fun.Chandler then enters and Phoebe begins flirting with him.Phoebe and Chandler end up kissing awkwardly, but Chandler then pushes her away and tells her that she wins, as he can't have sex with her.Phoebe triumphantly asks him why, and Chandler blurts out. " Phoebe is shocked, and Rachel and Joey rush in from the hallway.Monica tells her that she had plans to "do laundry", but she is obviously lying; she just wants to see Chandler in secret.In response, Rachel gives her a large bag of laundry to do, and Phoebe gives her a sack of quarters for the machines at the laundromat, so Monica and Chandler's plans are ruined.Ugly Naked Guy's apartment goes up for rent and Ross wants it.The friends learn that Ugly Naked Guy is moving out and Ross tries to get his apartment.

This is very distressing to Joey, who just wants to tell them the truth.

Meanwhile, Ross tries to bribe Ugly Naked Guy into giving him his apartment with a basket of mini-muffins, but many other people also want to move in, and give him more extravagant bribes, such as a mountain bike and a pinball machine.

Monica and Chandler decide to interrogate Joey, as he is the only one (that they are aware of) who knows about them. Monica craves revenge, and now wants to mess with Phoebe and Rachel.

Chandler goes to the bathroom, supposedly to get the lotion, but actually to ask Monica what he should do. Joey complains that he wants to sit in his chair, so he swiftly rips open the front of Phoebe's dress, revealing her bra.

He does this because he knows that Chandler is "afraid of bras", and is fixated on putting an end to all the secrecy.

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She persuades Chandler to reciprocate Phoebe's flirtation.

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