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If you’re dating a Vermonter, you’ll basically inherit their favorite grinder joint, sure to be time-tested and delicious.

Vermont has a serious mosquito problem during several months of the year.

Two heads are much better than one when it comes to a bite prevention plan.

If that plan falls through, at least there will be another body present to split the bites with and to help sensually apply the Calamine lotion later.

If you’re dating a Vermonter, they’ll be sure to take you on an amazing creemee date before you even have to ask.

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In Weed Dating, it’s much the same—except, you’ll be weeding a bed of vegetables or doing o...

What better place to master snowboarding than where the modern snowboard was invented?Often overlooked in the national craft beer conversation, the state is home to over 40 breweries giving locals some of the freshest, best tasting beers around.A Vermonter will never let their lover suffer by drinking bad beer, always quick to point them in the direction of their favorite selection from Magic Hat or the Alchemist.One of the best ways to fit into the Vermont crowd is by loving one of them and slowly assimilating. They always seem to be out hiking or biking through the beautiful landscape in their backyard, keeping their bodies in shape and their minds healthy.If you’re dating a Vermonter, long gone are boring Netflix marathon dates.

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