Vmware server consolidating disks

In snapshot manager, it doesn't show a snapshot but when you browse the directory, there is a orphaned disk. Veeam support told me the removal process is passed to VMware and it should be their issue.

VMware took a few test snapshots for testing and then removed them (delete all). I have been told/read that version 8 of Veeam has an indicator (snapshot hunter) to show any orphaned but would it help in our situation? We have days where the job ran over 24 hours (the removal of hidden snapshot). We use Veeam for backups and replication of our VMware environment.

If consolidation is needed, perform it manually using the v Sphere Client or the ESXi command line.

How it was fixed The solution was, as it is most of the time, simple: I manually removed the base disks from the backup VM (without deleting them from disk of course!

I believe this message means that there are one or more hidden "worker" snapshots that must be consolidated. This is ESXi 5.1U1 hosts running Vmware VSA (2 nodes cluster)Anyone know why VBR 7 is triggering this error virtual machine disks consolidation is needed? Basically the latency was so bad on the storage backend that removing the snapshot was timing out. Farshid, thanks for letting us know the reason for this issue in your situation.

In order to be notified about this problems in advance, I would recommend installing Veeam ONE free edition to monitor your datastore performance.

You can simply add the “consolidation” tab to the VI client, find any VMs that require consolidation and kick it off: What went wrong in my case?

Of course, consolidating the snapshot did not work in my case.

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When this warning pops up, the snapshot is already removed from the VM, but the snapshot files could not be consolidated back into the base disk.

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