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and selling like hot cakes around the world and the skilled company, used to forging steel and bending hot metal, took to them like a duck to water.Once their selling techniques caught up with the competitions, sales boomed. The prototype Husqvarna North Star may have been a failure in sewing terms (as the arms giant learnt a new trade) but what a beautiful looking machine!Simply, when the town changed its name to Huskvarna the Husqvarna Company, that had been trading across the world, decided to keep the original spelling, and has done to this day.That simple bit of information took me a week to track down, crazy or what, with Google today, I expect I could have done it in an hour or less! Todd, makers of the Champion of England, imported the Husqvarna Freja sewing machine model as early as 1886, and sold the machine to stores with their own decals on the front (like Reed sewing machine for example).Husqvarna brought out their first zig-zag sewing machines in the 1930's, looking vey much like the Elna machine of the same period.This model is currently on display at the Stockholm Technical Museum in Sweden.Although sintered steel had been around for many years it was Husqvarna that patented its use as bearing material in sewing machines.

It is well worth a visit and set in one of the most beautiful settings you will ever see.

The Husqvarna Nordic sewing machine was based on the popular Singer model 15 design and ran right up until the outbreak of the Second World War.

Husqvarna were one of the pioneers in self-oiling, low maintenance machines.

As far as I am aware Husqvarna kept no records of the serial numbers of their early sewing machines so dating them is done more by machine style than anything.

In fact I cannot find out any of the names of their designers either, which is a shame as there are some incredible innovative features on many Husky machines.

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