Video of black panthers intimidating voters

Every president America has had has been a white man. Obama is a man of justice and a leader who wants to do right.” Shakur warned, “We will be at the polls in the cities and counties in many states to ensure that the enemy does not sabotage the black vote, which was won through the blood of the martyrs of our people.” The incident is one of many cases of intimidation against people who do not support Obama at Philadelphia polling sites.According to recent reports, GOP Election Board members have been kicked out of at least half a dozen polling stations in Philadelphia because they are Republicans – despite a Pennsylvania judge’s ruling that on-site election judges are not allowed to remove court-appointed poll observers.“So I walked directly in between them, went inside and found the poll watchers. And they told us not to come outside because a black man is going to win this election no matter what.” He said he then walked back outside and the man with a night stick told him, “‘We’re tired of white supremacy’ and he starts tapping the nightstick in his hand.

The other one was a friend that seemed to be hanging out (the one holding the baton).There is one major question that needs to be asked: Was there any voter intimidation at the polling area or not?Chelsea Schilling is a news and commentary editor for WND and a proud U. Schilling also worked as a news producer at USA Radio Network and as a news reporter for the Sacramento Union.Fox News reported Republican poll watchers in West Philadelphia were asked to leave because Democrats are the party of power, and the Republicans are not being allowed to monitor the election process.“We’re saying that the poll watcher is not allowed to stay in the poll and watch,” the complainant said. Then, later on, the election judge came and said essentially that he only had the right to pass through on an intermittent occasion.” Removing the minority party from poll-watching positions is a violation of state law.

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After he saw a Black Panther brandishing a nightstick to threaten voters, a poll watcher called police.

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