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I bought an i Pod touch 4G and I'm looking forward to i OS 7...until I read on this site that it is only compatible with the i Pod Touch 5G.This is usually done by holding down button combinations.If a relatively new Ipod froze up or displays an error do the following: If the above steps did not work, try connecting i Pod to a power adapter and plug the power adapter into an electrical outlet, or connect i Pod to your computer.

Or does this just mean I don't get the new Airdrop, i Tunes Radio, and camera filters?

Here’s a picture of the slide: It reads: This matches the images and descriptions on the pages for i OS 7 for Apple’s website, so this seems to be the canonical list.

It’s possible that Apple will add support for the 4th generation i Pod touch between now and the release, but currently it looks like you won’t be able to upgrade.

If you have ever used one of Apple's i Pods for a long period of time you may know that it is possible that you run into issues or errors using them just like you may when you are using a desktop computer system.

Most issues that you experience here however are either freezes or issues with the so-called disk mode that i Pods can get stuck in.

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