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The second apartment that I decorated from top to bottom with a mix of garage sale/flea market finds and furniture that I took with me after my divorce when I was 29 was in downtown Vancouver. Anyway, my ex-husband and I had decorated in the 80’s forest green trend and I left with a large upholstered forest green chair (and ottoman) with huge rolled arms, typical of the 80’s. source (it looked similar to this one) Although I should say that it’s rare that the oversize furniture of the 80’s works with any classic styles.

Kind of like this one below (but picture something even bigger, more like a chair and 1/2): source Then when I moved into my apartment, I still needed a sofa so I went out to a local department store and chose a taupe and cream fabric in a leaf texture with a tuxedo style arm and I was happy. And when I arranged them together in an L shape I was totally horrified at how they looked together. Even though it was a custom order, I was just about to take advantage of the very generous return policy they had at the time, however, lucky for me, my designer friend Pat Wickware saved me that weekend.

Due to the dimensions of this house (and the odd angles on the second floor), pieces of 12 x 12 scrapbook paper just weren’t going to cut it.

The walls were too long or too tall and I didn’t want to tile the paper.

Both have a t-cushion and both are not visually heavy.We might feel differently if we could see the entire room properly but one of the reasons why this works is the arm heights are the same.And the track arms on the chairs are not too skinny.However, now that I’ve pointed it out, if you keep looking at other images, you’ll notice that usually contemporary more squared off furniture is organized together and round goes with more traditional looks.Have you made any style blunders while buying your main furniture pieces?

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It’s meant to be played with, but that’s probably obvious. Apparently, this is very common in the world of homemade dollhouse furniture, but I didn’t like the idea of putting so much time and energy into delicate things that won’t withstand my daughter’s blows.

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