Updating modified wii

Anything you do while following the guide again will simply overwrite all your old stuff.

We typically cover i Phone stuff, but we’ve been known to throw in some Android, Black Berry and even Play Station 3.

Our Nintendo Guide Site has a slew of info on modding, a guide to homebrew, and many more of the advantages of having a modded system, I suggest looking there as your next step.

And from there, there are always going to be tons of in-depth articles on Google, Yahoo, or your favorite search engines.

We are also fans of Nintendo’s awesome little console, the Wii.

In fact, modding a Wii doesn't take more than using an SD card, the same type of card that a digital camera uses.

Wiis have SD slots to expand the amount of space it can hold and to allow a user to post pictures from a digital camera to the Wii.

The methods out there are great but I myself use the flash memory on my SD rather than an in case modding.

You only need to purchase a few things to do this, things you may already have.

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The upside about using a card in this way as it doesn't have to be formatted for the Wii.

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