Updating grub menu lst

I don't know why os-prober wasn't available for open SUSE.

updategrub is a script which aims to solve all your boot problems ...

Grub2, the next generation of the bootmanager, is used on Ubuntu and its derivatives as well as on the latest Debian, Squeeze.

Other distros, including open SUSE, Fedora, and Mandriva, still use their own (sometimes patched) version of the original Grub, also called "Legacy Grub".

Legacy Grub users still have to become root and edit a config file manually, adding or removing boot entries, after figuring out the location and the name of the partition containing the Linux kernel of the other distros they want to add, or which of the 2 or 3 Windows partitions is the right one.

The file containing the boot menu configuration and entries is located in the directory /boot/grub and is traditionnaly called 'menu.lst'.

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Quote Added for detail: The script is not intended to be 'destructive'.

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