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There is a great explanation of how snapshots work on , but I will summarize some of the particularly relevant points here.

A database snapshot is a read-only static view of a database.

Now any queries to the snapshot that access the changed pages will get those changed pages from the snapshot.

Use of a standard extension is also very important when you are, for example, setting up anti-virus scan exclusions, or backup exclusions, across a suite of servers.

Once the snapshot is online, a copy-on-write mechanism kicks in.

This way, once they start populating, you will be keep some of the IO away from the drive that is hosting the database files, and therefore reduce disk contention.

It’s essential that a DBA understands at least something of what actually happens “behind-the-scenes” when a snapshot is created, and of how snapshots actually work.

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From an organisational and administrative point of view I recommend that you store your snapshots in a separate directory from your database files.

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