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According to their report, “The largest single case was the Flashback‐Botnet, which affected over half a million Macs at the beginning of 2012.”Norton Anti Virus for Mac is a basic but certainly useful antivirus program for your Mac. My main concern is the amount of memory the software uses, and also the high CPU usage when the software is performing a scan.

Both of these issues may hinder your system performance while the Norton software is being used.

During a full system scan, the Daemon process uses as much as 95% CPU load – the lowest I saw it at was around 50%.

Three options are available: Quick Scan, System Scan and File Scan.

In August 1990, Symantec purchased Peter Norton Computing from Peter Norton.

The first version of Norton Anti Virus was released in 1991, featuring Mr. Norton Anti Virus 12 for Mac is the basic version of the software.

The software appears to use 5 processes, ‘Sym Daemon’ which runs in the background and uses more than 400MB of memory, and the Norton Anti Virus and Live Update apps.

There are also processes called Sym UIAgent and Sym Shared Settingsd.

However, if you want to stop Windows viruses spreading via your Mac, having an antivirus installed might help.

There are various options for virus protection, including automatic repair, compressed file scanning, external disk scanning and automatic file scanning.

The Vulnerability Protection feature monitors your Internet connection for attempts to access your Mac and its information without your knowledge or permission.

Getting started The Norton Anti Virus 12 for Mac interface is very simple and easy to use.

This is a good change from the past where Symantec have designed cluttered interfaces.

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