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Note that discard is done in pass 5 AFTER the filesystem has been fully checked and only if it does not contain recognizable errors.

However there might be cases where e2fsck does not fully recognize a problem and hence in this case this option may prevent you from further manual data recovery.

-E Set the version of the extended attribute blocks which e2fsck will require while checking the filesystem. The default extended attribute version format is 2.

journal_only Only replay the journal if required, but do not perform any further checks or repairs.

It can later be enabled by sending the e2fsck process a SIGUSR1 signal.

If the file descriptor specified is 0, e2fsck will print a completion bar as it goes about its business.

This can sometimes make them a little smaller and slightly faster to search, but in practice, you should rarely need to use this option.

The -D option will detect directory entries with duplicate names in a single directory, which e2fsck normally does not enforce for performance reasons.

If an alternative superblock is specified and the filesystem is not opened read-only, e2fsck will make sure that the primary superblock is updated appropriately upon completion of the filesystem check. Reading man badblocks: "Important note: If the output of badblocks is going to be fed to the e2fsck or mke2fs programs, it is important that the block size is properly specified, since the block numbers which are generated are very dependent on the block size in use by the filesystem.For this reason, it is strongly recommended that users not run badblocks directly, but rather use the -c option of the e2fsck and mke2fs programs." I can't see any point in running badblocks and not putting any bad blocks that it finds into the badblock inode.fragcheck During pass 1, print a detailed report of any discontiguous blocks for files in the filesystem.discard Attempt to discard free blocks and unused inode blocks after the full filesystem check (discarding blocks is useful on solid state devices and sparse / thin-provisioned storage).

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