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it's a film that hasn't been released yet or is a network exclusive like a Netflix show) then you won't find it here.

Please do not email me asking to add extra artwork as it doesn't work that way - this is just a quick way of getting artwork from i Tunes.

It seems to depend on the country and studio involved but you generally need a special key to get that high res artwork and you can only get that key by purchasing something from i Tunes (and then it only lasts a short while).

With app icons, there is only one artwork link which will give you a 1024x1024px file; just click on the app icon.

Do you use Apple Music, i Cloud Music Library, or i Tunes Match?

Check out my latest i Phone app, Music Tracker, which helps monitor any changes Apple makes to your files.

But if you want to wait, then it shouldn't be too long before the GA version is released.

(says he with his fingers crossed...)I ran into the same problem.

I'm probably missing something silly - how do I get album art to show up when I transfer MP3 files to my i Pod via MM? I have over 60GB and run 2.5.2B2 on two machines looking at the same database and tracks over a network.

Download it now or find out more in this Mac Rumors article.

Update: Apple have recently changed the way that their i Tunes Search API works and so I've had to make some adjustments to the above script in order to keep it running.

Some movies weren't being found even though they could be viewed in i Tunes.

To fix this, copy the URL from i Tunes and paste the numbers after 'id' into the 'Apple ID (Movie)' section.

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