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But we use these words to describe the attributes of God.

So, to say that the Trinity isn't true because the word isn't in the Bible is an invalid argument.

the word trinity may be man made but for you to have the gall to said if you baptise in the Father Son and Holy Ghost worship false Gods.boy I sure dont want to stand by you come judgement.three are one..

There is, apparently, a subordination within the Trinity in regard to order but not substance or essence.

We can see that the Father is first, the Son is second, and the Holy Spirit is third. The Son and the Father send the Holy Spirit (John ; ). The Apostolic, Pentecostal Church believes the Bible teaches there is one God without distinction of persons, the full divinity of Jesus Christ, the new birth which is repentance, water baptism by immersion in the name of Jesus Christ, and receiving the Holy Ghost with the initial sign of speaking in tongues.

Please come home to the Apostolic Pentecostal church and learn the truth before it is to late for your soul.

I feel sorry for those people that have been brainwashed into believing the lies about the trinity, there is no such thing. Religion is like ice-cream..there are many different flavors but the main ingredients are the same.

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