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The Healthy Trucker is here to help you think about your meal options and make the best choices that will benefit YOU.

Eating healthy doesn’t mean jumping on the next fad diet and that’s not what we’re about.

My theory is take out all of the complications and distractions (read as strain) you can for both.

After that year you know what to expect of the trucking lifestyle and can communicate that better to someone you care about.

Use the lessons that you've learned from past relationships to guide you on taking ideas presented here into account.

Knowing this misconception exists about drivers, what type of spouse do you have and how is the relationship between you two? ) If these are problem areas you may have more problems if you decide to become a truck driver before addressing those issues. Is she self confident, independent to a certain extent, out going, trust worthy, responsible, goal oriented? Well, if your spouse does not posses those characteristics then she may start doubting you on the road.

But wait, you too have to be understanding to to see it from her point of view.

Getting upset at her (even if she is wrong) is not going to help her understand.

If you are already involved or getting involved, this relationship information is for you.

It takes a special spouse to make a good companion for a truck driver.

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