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That should assistance them get over their breakups fast. After months of unconstrained dissection rumors, Olivia and her ex Nick put things to rest in June, with Nick citing her jealousy issues, and Olivia blaming their busy, opposing schedules. With Tim, maybe she’s found a ideal man to ease her heart after a flighty relationship! Hollywood Lifers, do we consider Olivia Tim would make a good couple?

January 2010 - Present It was reported in January 2010 that Tim Tebow has been dating former 'American Idol' contestant Janell Wheeler on and off for some time, but neither star has commented on the relationship.


But a source quickly squashed that speculation, noting that Jana Duggar and Tebow had “never even met.” “People can be very sweet and kind to others who can do a lot for them,” Tim Tebow said about the type of woman he wants to date.

“I want to find a girl who will be the same person to those who can’t do anything for her in return.

Tebow was also a presenter with actress Jessica Biel.

"I also want to thank my family, specifically my older brother and my sister-in-law for letting me sleep on their couch," Lin told the crowd.

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