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Usually they do come but when I try to escalate sexually (touching kissing etc) almost all of them resisted and then made some excuse to leave and go home.

Personally I feel from reading the letter and I don't know anything about him that Gary's only problem is closing the deal on the first date.One girl kept calling me for a month after the failed seduction 😉 On the other hand if I wait until second or third date to take them home I am usually successful in getting them to have sex without much drama.So given how much work it is to get these dates i don't want to ruin it and so never take them home on first date.And in my experience this all comes down to choice.Choice for the girl if she wants to go there and your Choice in picking the right girl to go out on the date.

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  2. I texted to see if she was available that afternoon. I texted back to see if we could meet in an hour at 4 pm. Anyway, I waited 45 minutes and got no confirmation on the time. A lot of these women think that their shit doesn't stink and that we should be honored to have sex with them. The woman who FINALLY contacted you 20 minutes after the requested time deserves to be put on your personal Banned list.