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Skarsgård plays the father of Jonas (Brenton Thwaites); when Jonas learns what his dad is really up to at work, he tries to save the community from its own rules with the help of Jeff Bridges' titular wise elder.Here, the Swedish actor talks with TIME about the young-adult classic, hanging out with Taylor Swift (who has a small but vital role in the film) and what has in store for Eric Northman. I feel like everyone I know in America read it as a kid.Because of the circumstances, there’s no opportunity for that. I found that interesting because if he’s just a robot, then there’s no life, there’s nothing interesting there.

It was a character I was fascinated by, someone who could do these horrible, horrible things but still be innocent in a weird way. If you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t understand the concept of death, is what he’s doing wrong or not?But apparently Swifty is learning from past mistakes and taking a dip in the older gentlemen pond.And somehow she's reportedly managed to scoop out Alexander Skarsgård! As they have been working together on Let us just say, there is NO going wrong with Alexander!The actress - this is her third movie to date, her first being 2010's Valentine's Day with Taylor Lautner - looked like she was in good spirits during the outing that also included co-stars Cameron Monaghan and Katie Holmes.After the dinner she was dropped off at her hotel in a white SUV with Alexander, among others.

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Alexander Skarsgård: Not really — it’s not part of the canon like it is in the States.

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