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Your second card is a bit better: ,000 balance, a 10.9% interest rate, and a minimum payment of (again, more than 25 years to pay it off).You’ve decided to commit 0 a month to eliminating this sick pile of debt.Before you take the plunge, examine your current financial situation to see if another strategy better serves your needs and goals.

Step 2 – Beginning with the card with the smallest balance, pay as much as you can on that card while paying the minimums on the other cards.

If you’re going to subscribe to a plan and don’t want to run a bunch of numbers in a complex Excel spreadsheet, Suze’s plan is better than Dave’s plan.

However, there is a better plan than either Suze’s or Dave’s plan: pay off the highest interest credit card first.

If you cannot pay more than your minimum payments on your various lines of credit, you are a candidate for credit card debt consolidation.

Some people considering debt consolidation use their homes as collateral.

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Financial author Suze Orman offers a guide for people managing their debt that recommends negotiating the best credit card interest rate, even if you have to switch cards regularly.

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