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If your Organization is not listed or we have old information, we apologize for the inconvenience.Please contact our office for updates and corrections.Students can join a functional team of: Outgoing Exchange, Incoming Exchange, Marketing, Finance, or Talent Management.You also have the option to go on exchange yourself and learn valuable skills in a different part of the globe.The University of Colorado at Boulder was chartered on March 22, 1934 and became the 11th chapter of Alpha Epsilon Delta's legacy.Over the years, the organization has united students that share a passion for the health sciences.We are a social forum for all students of African descent as well as students who are interested in sharing the African experience at CU-Boulder.We accomplish our Organization description by discussing current events and topics through our General Bi-Weekly meetings, inviting very distinguished speakers to the campus to our yearly Fall Event, our weekly dance lessons and choir meetings and above our principal african expose_ during the spring semester: Tour of Africa ASA creates a safe space and great community for students & staff of the CU Boulder community with African Descent.

political and social aspects of the African continent.The mission of the 105th Cadet Wing is to provide training, which developed the leadership, officership, and management sills of cadets in the preparation for commissioning and entering into active duty.Established in 1926 at the University of Alabama, Alpha Epsilon Delta, the National Pre- Medical Honor Society, has since become the world's largest body dedicated to pre-medical education, with a membership exceeding 100,000 in 166 chapters.Anyone interested in the organisation can attend our weekly meetings and join us in reviewing projects and discussing about the event organisation.There is no membership fee for students or non-students.

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