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“I’ll tell you that my entire career as a matchmaker not once has a man said, ‘I want to meet a woman who wants to make as much money as I do,’” Ward says, “Never.

I am concerned that, in the future, women’s standards will deteriorate and they won’t really see the need for a relationship anymore.” Ward says there’s a huge gap in what women and men want, and one of the main issues is that women always want to meet men who make an equal or greater salary.

With the limitless opportunities for connection provided by the wonders of the digital age, finding the perfect relationship can be easier than ever.

Using the amazing technological tools available, Master Matchmakers combines their personal approach to matchmaking with the amazing connective ability of the World Wide Web. Founded by Jo Ann Ward, both her son Steven Ward and daughter Monica Ward share her passion for bringing single people together into successful, rewarding, long lasting relationships, and, above all, helping them find deep and meaningful love.

“You don’t want to ask about their religion, about their politics, about their financial situations on a first date.

All these things are very sensitive areas that, quite frankly, may lead to arguments or defensiveness. Before you feel like [this] is somebody you want to see on a more regular basis, don’t go there.” Ward says that he is engaged and was off the dating scene before emojis became popular but he’s been told that people who use emojis in messages to dates or potential dates are more likely to be sexually adventurous.

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