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“We are positioning ourselves between casual dating space and marriage,” says Lovestruck’s Rahul Maheshwari, country manager for Datetix, which is working towards setting up a formal speed dating culture in India.

They began in January with Delhi, and intend to expand to other cities soon.

A lot of people are going to matrimonial sites, but nothing’s working out. We even have family members come in and sit around as the event happens.” While having your family around for dates may sound strange for the younger crowd, Vijay maintains this gives a believability and comfort factor for his clients, and adds a seriousness to the process of finding ‘the one’. To combat that, “we make sure we personally talk to all those invited for the event, especially the guys.

After all, with demanding work schedules and rising cynism with meeting people online, a real environment where you meet 10-odd people with similar taste and mind-space, doesn’t sound unappealing.

ALSO READ | Valentine’s Day Week 2017: Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Promise Day, Teddy Day, Hug Day “Traditionally, India hasn’t been a very open society when it comes to matters of love.

Usually a person ends up meeting 10-odd people in a single evening, whom they discretely indicate on individual scorecards if they’d like to see again or not.

The organisers then match the cards, and when there is a mutual like/yes, contact information is shared with the two individuals, who can then take it forward as they deem fit.

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