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” I don’t care how much The Game tells you to put down a woman to get her to like you, it doesn’t work if you’re directly attacking her profession.Sure, this guy totally thought he was flirting with my friend when reality, she was immediately turned off. It’s always good to tag team something like this because it creates a comfort zone for you, and girls like to see that you have friends.Las Vegas Singles Events, Las Vegas Singles Parties, Las Vegas Speed Dating, Las Vegas Singles Nights, Las Vegas Dating & Chat.

” That makes me wonder, “Is your penis not big enough?

I had to book my speed dating event almost 2 months ago because all the female spots had been sold out.

At the one I went to, the ratio of women-to-men was about 3-to-1. You want to pretend you’re a professional stunt double for Johnny Depp?

Here are some phrases I heard over and over again: “My friend dragged me here, so I’m here for him.” “I was begged to be here by one of the owners, so I’m doing her a favor.” “My job keeps me really busy so this is my only way to meet people.” Don’t be insecure about why you’re doing speed dating.

By being defensive about your reasons, it makes the girls feel bad for being there, too.

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