Sonar 4 updating system

It's less than 12 months since Sonar 3 was let loose on the world, but already version 4 is before us.

So what can have happened to justify an entire numerical increment?

This 4.5.1 release not only offers corrections but also many changes and new features.

even though these plugins are not present in the list above.The answer is quite a bit, although the basic core of the program remains the same.What we get is a collection of facilities that makes working with Sonar faster and more streamlined, and also brings the software up to date with regard to multi-channel audio formats.The problem is that the account ‘Local System’ attempts to start the service, which does not work on my laptop.May be you won’t have this problem for a server installation, but if that’s the case on your own computer, follow the steps in this post to change the user launching the service.

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Actually, and again, we must first of all visit the plugins page to check for Upgrade Notes, as this is the case for the various Java plugins Plugin.

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