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Once colleges and universities taught young people how to search for truth.Now Vanderbilt apparently has a mission from God to teach what is true and what is not. Ought they not then be allowed to circulate because the University believes in the constitutional right of free speech? Can speech be bigoted, and still enjoy such protection?Please bear in mind that it will not always be possible to implement requested features, but suggestions will always be read.Vanderbilt should support rights of First Amendment Dear Editor, The perfervid reaction to the posting of a few flyers on a bulletin board (Register Oct.If SMF is not translated into your language, you can also apply to translate it.You are also welcome to provide support in your native language in our foreign language support boards.To suggest that powerful people politicians, ministers, civic leaders and editorialists should not participate in the public forum on this or any issue smacks of censorship and threatening the principle of free speech.

Simple Machines Forum — SMF in short — is a free, professional grade software package that allows you to set up your own online community within minutes.Faculty and administrators must grind justice under the heel. Can it be hurtful, ignorant and prejudiced, and still be heard? Im afraid, however, that freedom of speech, as embodied in deep American principles, now stops at the campus borders.Therefore, the Chancellor, the Provost and others need to set forth in official regulations those limitations upon what can be thought and said at the University.19-25) would be silly if it were not so deeply disturbing.It is clear that some kinds of speech are now permissible at Vanderbilt and others are not.

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