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A week after New Hampshire’s presidential primary 11 months ago, two dating sites were registered the same day — one for Donald Trump fans, a second for Hillary Clinton faithful.One was named Trump, the other Hillary The New York Daily News is the latest to feature the Trump site.Get Text Appeal You’ve got that initial attention, now it’s time for your personality to shine.

“He also learned his Republican friends were having a hard time on dates once politics were brought up — especially when it came to Donald Trump.” Santa Clarita’s Goss, 35, told The News: “If people are being demonized for their views and having a hard time on their dates, we wanted to take that whole part of it out.” The site, with membership of .95 a month, had more than 23,000 members Tuesday after its June launch, said the Daily News.

“It’s been something that we weren’t expecting,” Goss was quoted as saying.

“We’re glad to have a service that is actually helping people.” However, those numbers have been challenged. “Obviously at this point it doesn’t matter, since Clinton’s political careers are dead in the water,” Goss said via email.

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