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In the 1690s, Spain established trade connections with the Apaches, whose territory then included western Nebraska.

By 1703, France had developed a regular trade with the native peoples along the Missouri River in Nebraska, and by 1719 had signed treaties with several of these peoples.

On May 30, 1854, the US Congress created the Kansas and the Nebraska territories, divided by the Parallel 40° North, under the Kansas–Nebraska Act. Under the Homestead Act, thousands of settlers migrated into Nebraska to claim free land granted by the federal government.

In response, Spain dispatched two trading expeditions up the Missouri in 17; the second, under James Mackay, established the first European settlement in Nebraska near the mouth of the Platte.

The Dissected Till Plains is a region of gently rolling hills; the state's largest cities, Omaha and Lincoln, are in this region.

The Great Plains occupy most of western Nebraska, characterized by treeless prairie, suitable for cattle-grazing.

The state is crossed by many historic trails and was explored by the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Nebraska was admitted as the 37th state of the United States in 1867.

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