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“Justin saw the GQ photos of Selena and is in awe of how sexy and beautiful she looks,” another insider told Hollywood Life.

“He reached out to congratulate her and tell her that she’s never looked better.” “They are back on good terms,” the insider explained at the time.

"I mean we have a lot of history together," he told Ellen De Generes two weeks ago.

"Maybe once we figure ourselves out, we can come together and make an awesome duo." …An awesome duo that may actually be back on.

“Selena in her never-ending back and forth with Justin is now over him again,” a source told Hollywood Life last week.Let me know your thoughts on "Jelena" in the comment section below and then before you go — click that subscribe button for more news on all of your favorite celebs!In Hollywood, I'm your host Katie Krause and thanks for watching!She appears with him on a motorcycle in the originally captionless photo.It was unclear at first whether the photo was from today or earlier.

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It is the dream of every girl, a date with Justin Bieber!

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