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Yes, it’s true: guys may like it if you’re not as experienced as the women his age. An older guy may start dating a younger girl because doing so makes him feel a little bit better about himself. Lier explains that sometimes guys date younger women so they can escape from the pressure of settling down: Wanis says. We’re going back to campus soon The timing is also a factor for older guys.

Anonymous older guy, 24, says, If a younger girl is impressed by his more advanced life experience, it will make the guy feel mature and give him the boost he may need if he’s not completely satisfied with all the aspects of his post-grad life. If we meet him over the summer, the dating experience is like any other summer fling – it has a set end date.

Here are some of the things which is fascinating if you are dating a young guy and rules for dating someone younger.

Take a look: Hot looks: It is said that a young guy always looks better than the old stone aged man.

He was over the college years, while I was right in the middle of mine. ” If you find yourself in a similar situation and frustrated by the age difference, talk to your guy about how you can find a compromise. Past relationships are a lot like passing gas in public. Don't bring wedding plans up on a date, or else a guy's going to think you're biological clock is more like a stopwatch. According to some women who are in a relationship with a young guy, they seem to have benefited a lot of good things that their relationship has offered to them.When you are dating a young guy, there are certain things a woman enjoys in the relationship.

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But when you give the guy too much information you're going to ruin the fantasy and he's not gonna want to come back for more. A first date is never a good time to air your dirty laundry. Don't assume the guy you're dating looks at a dollar bill the same way you do.

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