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Ginger took the surname Rogers, although she was never legally adopted. Her mother became a theater critic for a local newspaper, the Fort Worth Record. As a teenager, Rogers thought of becoming a school teacher, but with her mother's interest in Hollywood and the theater, her early exposure to the theater increased.She attended, but did not graduate from, Fort Worth's Central High School (later renamed R. Waiting for her mother in the wings of the Majestic Theatre, she began to sing and dance along with the performers on stage.

The marriage was over within months, and she went back to touring with her mother.

Rogers' entertainment career was born one night when the traveling vaudeville act of Eddie Foy came to Fort Worth and needed a quick stand-in.

She then entered and won a Charleston dance contest which allowed her to tour for six months, at one point in 1926 performing at an 18-month-old theater called The Craterian in Medford, Oregon.

After two commercial failures with Astaire, Rogers began to branch out into dramatic films and comedies.

Her acting was well received by critics and audiences, and she became one of the biggest box-office draws of the 1940s.

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