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This list of the 13 Best Online Dating Sites for Men is definitely a good place to start!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: is the best online dating site out there.

“We created Lulu as a safe and positive space for girls to come and recommend the great guys in their life — friends, brothers, ex-boyfriends,” Alison says.I first became interested in the application when a coworker showed me a mutual acquaintance's Lulu score. After downloading it, playing around, and getting over the ick factor of seeing my dad on the site, I showed the program to a staunchly feminist, incredibly politically correct friend. But, when I told her I could see her boyfriend’s score, she couldn’t resist. Knowing how your crush/current flame/ex stacks up with other people is just too enticing to pass up.(Note: He wasn't reviewed.) Yet, both she and I were concerned for our platonic buddies, as we have both coached and comforted just as many guy friends as girls through awful romantic entanglements.The hashtags try to be both cheeky and descriptive.Think “#Epic Smile”, “#Bedroom Eyes”, “#Questionable Search History”, and perhaps the most uncomfortable, “#Procreated And Then Evaporated” — which I sadly saw a family member had received.

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