Racism in speed dating

Here’s the only thing of note: Schelling’s (1971) model of dynamic segregation shows that even an extremely mild preference for neighbours of one’s own race may lead to completely segregated neighbourhoods.In our dating market, however, we encounter a different relationship between micromotives and macrobehaviour: our subjects have a strong preference for partners of their own race, yet the overall level of the resulting segregation is quite small.One social science finding which I’ve wondered about over the past few years is the result that women care much more about the race of a potential mate than men do.The fact that individuals tend to want to mate assortatively with those who share their characteristics is no surprise.First, let’s keep this in perspective, here are the correlations from the GSS for married individuals for several variables of note (I’ve filtered for whites here): Ethnicity – 0.40 Highest Degree – 0.55 Socioeconomic index – 0.32 I think it’s interesting to note that the variable which reveals meritocratic achievement has the highest correlation.Ethnicity is something you’re born into, and socioeconomic index is a metric which derives from the milieu in which you were raised.This post is going to review some findings in a paper which attempts to both describe the differences in race preference for dating by race and across genders, and, why those differences might emerge the way that they do.

Females exhibit stronger racial preferences than males.

First, this is a sample of Columbia University graduate students! But note that they didn’t really extend their findings much with speculation.

My main issue with the paper is this: I still suspect it’s not taking into account different intent on the part of males and females.

Some general observations: 1) Black women at Columbia are really open to dating black men. To make this concrete, black women were three times as likely to say yes to a black man as they were to an Asian man (though white women were the most repulsed by Asian men clearly). For all races except Asians, all the coefficients on the race indicator variables are negative, implying a same-race preference.

For black and white subjects, these coefficients are jointly significant (p-value First, Asian guys are screwed, obviously.

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It is obvious though that demographic segregation will shift away from a panmictic dynamic, and, I think marriage is frankly a higher bar than accepting the proposal for a date.

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