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At each invocation, the parser is stopped on a given node and the reader can be used to query those node properties. The node will get all its ancestors and the full subtree available.Each def process Node(reader): print "%d %d %s %d %s" % (reader. Usual operations like XPath queries can be used on that reduced view of the document. Expand() # expand the subtree if node.xpath Eval("@id = 'Aho'"): # use XPath on it res = res node.serialize() if reader. = 1: # skip the subtree break; Note, however that the node instance returned by the Expand() call is only valid until the next Read() operation.In other words, it has a correct XML declaration and a single root element, all tags are properly nested, tag attributes are quoted, and so on.

It was abstrated as a call to the process Node() routine, with the reader as the argument. The steps to do so are: rngp = libxml2.relax NGNew Mem Parser Ctxt(schema, len(schema)) rngs = rngp.relax NGParse() reader. It returns a pointer to a standard node which can be manipulated in the usual ways.

parser.parse(file) for arg in sys.argv[1:]: for filename in glob(arg): try: parsefile(filename) print "%s is well-formed" % filename except Exception, e: print "%s is NOT well-formed!

%s" % (filename, e)A text is a well-formed XML document if it adheres to all the basic syntax rules for XML documents.

I remember the early days of the web -- and the last days of CD ROM -- when there was this mainstream consensus that the web and PCs were too durned geeky and difficult and unpredictable for "my mom" (it's amazing how many tech people have an incredibly low opinion of their mothers).

If I had a share of AOL for every time someone told me that the web would die because AOL was so easy and the web was full of garbage, I'd have a lot of AOL shares. I've released XOM 1.2.5, my free-as-in-speech (LGPL) dual streaming/tree-based API for processing XML with Java. The only visible change is that null) now throws a Null Pointer Exception instead of a confusing Malformed URLException.

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