Poster for updating antivirus signatures

The solution to this is fairly straight forward: Delete any existing Sierra installers, whether they are half-downloaded or not, reboot the Mac, and try again.

I ran into variants of the download trouble several times.

Often the same SMC and NVRAM reset procedure remedies those difficulties.We’re compiling a list of common problems in this troubleshooting guide to remedy issues with the mac OS Sierra download, installation, update, and post-install process.Unfortunately for me (but fortunately for you readers), I personally have had the joy of encountering many of these problems during and after updating one particular Mac Book Pro to Mac OS Sierra 10.12, so I have very recent extensive firsthand experience with troubleshooting much of what is covered here.This can happen right after the initial installation, but also during a standard Mac system restart after having updated to Sierra.I personally experienced this in the latter scenario during a regular reboot, and as you can imagine it’s fairly annoying to discover the Mac won’t boot up normally.

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