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"On March 15th, they announced a proposed change in their product that would turn their feed into an algorithmic feed, instead of the current, chronological one.The announcement sparked a massive response, with over 300,000 Instagram users signing a petition asking the company to reconsider this change.If it is similar to the one Facebook integrated a while back, it will significantly diminish their ability to reach their audience without paying Instagram to boost posts.This means that brands and influencers who have spent years building a following on the platform will now see a significant drop in the value of that following.But the restaurant chain known for Southern food and homey gift shops filled with trinkets has slowly expanded its retail mix to lure a new, much younger demographic.That’s how trendy T-shirts and vinyl records landed in stores known better for rocking chairs and quilts.While the logo change was highly noticeable, for many Instagram users, a less obvious yet far bigger and more controversial change is under way.

"It looks like Instagram pulled the old bait and switch," said Eyal.

These posts are the ones that are likely to perform best when measured by Instagram's new algorithm.

You might be surprised to find fashion-forward apparel and wooden platters hand carved by artisans in the Philippines next to Yankee Candles and Christmas decorations at Cracker Barrel Old Country Stores.

Under the old model, for example, someone with a million Instagram followers knew that any image he or she posted would appear in the feed of every one of the million who was using Instagram at the time. And, of course, Instagram could charge for the right to "boost posts" and appear more often--making the firm money but undermining the profits of influencers and increasing the cost to brands.

It was not a secret that Instagram had been testing its algorithm, nor that many users were upset when Instagram announced its intent to deploy the algorithm.

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