Park bom dating 2016

Fortunately, some lucky fans ran into Park Bom in the streets on one lovely March day.However, netizens are once again shocked by Park Bom's new face.In 2008, she was featured in label-mate Kim Ji-eun's music video for "Tell Me Once More".Park Bom was placed as the main vocalist of 2NE1, alongside CL, Sandara Park and Minzy.

P.s: In the same show 2ne1revealed that they had a 5 year contract with YG (their company) according to which they could not date for 5 years.

Every YG artists been through lots of harsh path and now they're Happily successful and I'm so inspired by all of em and proud to be their fans. There will always be a person there next to them that wanted to drag them down. knetz really lacks of loyalty, honesty, and trusts.

That person is full of evilness, and nothing but darkness. without these they're just no soul and lifeless human being on this planets!

In the photo, Park Bom is dressed in an over-sized hoodie and baggy yellow sweatpants.

Her hair is tied in a bun and her face looks a bit swollen.

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