Outlook account not updating

According to a Google Group seeking answers for the syncing problem, the issue can occur with just contacts, only when deleting emails, when moving messages between folders or with all aspects of an account.

While no official fix has been released, there are a few ways to try and workaround the known issues.

Just enter your desired email name in "Email address" textbox and click on "Create an alias" button. It'll ask for a confirmation whether you want to receive the new emails in a new folder or an existing folder which is your Inbox. Your Hotmail account will be upgraded to account immediately.

Select the desired option and click on "Done" button. Please keep in mind that you cannot sign into your email account using the alias.

You can use following steps to rename your Hotmail account into account: 1. Please note that once you rename your account, it'll change your primary account name and you'll need to login using your new account name on all your devices such as your computer, mobile phone, tablet, Xbox, etc.

Similar to method 1, first log into your email account using URL. Windows Phone users should note that you'll need to reset your phone to factory settings and then set it back up with new account name.

After login, select Options - More mail settings option. Now click on "Rename your email address" option given under "Managing your account" section. Again similar to creating alias, enter your desired email name in "New Microsoft account" textbox and click on "Save" button. Also when you reset your phone, you'll lose all your personal data including your apps.

If your business syncs data between Gmail and Outlook, you may notice issues with syncing some or even all data.

You'll need to continue to use your primary account name to sign in.

Another way to upgrade from Hotmail account to account is to rename existing email account.

CAUTION: Scammers are attempting to rip off consumers by offering fake support for Outlook.

If you have paid for support, contact your financial institution to report the charge as fraudulent.

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You can send and receive emails from all of your aliases without any problem.

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