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First the Holy Spirit and secondly above all we in the Orthodox Church turn to the Holy Fathers over the many centuries which have helped with the interpretations of the Bible or as the Eastern Orthodox Church like to express: Holy Scriptures. Humbly In Christ Our True God, Father Demetrios Serfes Who prays for you and with you! Can you briefly explain the Holy Fathers in the Church and the Patristic Fathers? Can you tell me which translation the Eastern Orthodox Church uses and why? Can you tell me how many books are there in the Orthodox Bible? Can you list the books of the Old Testament and the New Testament? Does the Orthodox Church have any prayers before reading Holy Scripture? I understand the Orthodox Church has recently published the New Testament with the Psalms and where can I obtain such a Bible? Where can I get the Old Testament Septuagint that Eastern Orthodox Christians read? Where can I obtain a full set of the Early Church Fathers? The "Protestant" Old Testament in Antithetical to Christian Truth.

This refers to the fact of Christ's appearing in glory while still on earth. Faithful Orthodox believers who come to these classes, and even their pastors, are quickly confronted with a vast array of Bible translations, and Bibles themselves come in all colors, sizes, shapes, and with without "study helps".

In the early Christian literature, there are references to an "unwritten tradition" left by the Apostles.

This, however, does not appear to refer to any body of information independent of Scripture but rather to the evidence of primitive Christian institutions and customs which confirm Biblical teachings.

However, from the end of the 4th century the name acquired a more specific sense referring to a rather clearly defined group of ecclesiastical authors of the past whose authority on matters of belief was widely and indisputably accepted. Later on during the Christological controversies of the 5th century, all parties claimed the authority of the Fathers behind their teachings. The so-called Apocrypha, or Deuterocanonical, books (found in "Catholic" and "Orthodox" versions of the Bible) were a problem for Jews living after the time of Christ, since they often very clearly prophesy concerning Our Lord, and indicate His divinity.

A noble example is the Council of Ephesos (431) clearly referring to the Fathers and their canons. Some of the books were also problematic for both the Jews and the Protestants because they make prophetically evident the special role of the Theotokos in the oikonomia of salvation.

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