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Wir haben spannende Projekte bei innovativen Kunden.Unser Team arbeitet kollegial und kooperativ – ständiger Austausch und Weiterbildung sind bei uns Standard. This section applies if you intend to publish apps from this VDA.

Add your non-administrator RDP users to this local group so they can RDP directly to the machine.If this image will be converted to a Provisioning Services v Disk, then you must ensure the pagefile is smaller than the cache disk.For example, if you allocate 20 GB of RAM to your Remote Desktop Session Host, and if the cache disk is only 15 GB, then Windows will have a default pagefile size of 20 GB, and Provisioning Services will be unable to move it to the cache disk.After the loading, the dialog box disappears and the explorer application fails to appear.On the VDA, use the following registry change to set the length of time a client session waits before disconnecting the session: From Xen App 7.8 – Session Launch Security/Warning Login Banner at Citrix Discussions: If your logon disclaimer window has scroll bars, set the following registry values: HKLM\Software\Wow6432node\Citrix\Ctx Hook\App Init_DLLS\Multiple Monitor Hook\Logon UIWidth = DWORD:300 HKLM\Software\Wow6432node\Citrix\Ctx Hook\App Init_DLLS\Multiple Monitor Hook\Logon UIHeight = DWORD:200 Citrix CTX203760 VDI Session Launches Then Disappears: Xen Desktop, by default, only allows 180 seconds to complete a logon operation.

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