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The best thing is probably to message the person and ask them specifically how much they drink, if it's an issue to you. I have met absolute drunks who say on their profiles that they drink occasionally ... Also, if you just come out and ask them how much they drink, do you really think someone is going to say exactly? I am a non drinker .a religion freak..then..

I understand you having an issue with it - my ex drank a lot, and my brother was an alcoholic, so I do not want to be around people who are heavy drinkers. Just like the people who lie about their age and weight. get yourself a list together and send it out to perspective ladies ... I am a social ice cream eater....anyone for ice cream? I'm not surprised that there is a correlation between non-drinking and Christian. But clearly, as shown above, there's many that don't drink and aren't Christian.

So, for me to answer 0 is not accurate, neither is 1-5 as I don't even drink one a week most of the time. Social Drinker only drink when in a social atmosphere.a closet drunk.

And no, I'm not a Christian - in fact, I'm atheist. I am not sure that the subject of serious christian have anything to do with drunks either...??

To me a social drinker is not someone who has to have beer in their refridgerator at home at all times and that seems to be the case with the so called social drinkers I have met.

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I am a non drinker and it is because every time in my life there has been a problem drinking or someone being drunk has been at the root of a problem that I have experienced.

So I don't think that the majority of people are deliberately lying, per se...

I think that they're just using their own definition, and it happens to not match with yours.

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