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Reintroducing a foreign substance can upset a person's stomach and cause digestive issues, dietitian Linda Van Horn told Medill Reports Chicago."(It's) no wonder that you feel sick if you’ve eaten no chocolate for six weeks, and then you’re eating a box, an entire chocolate rabbit or something like that,” she said.

Some fasts can also reduce one's tolerance for certain kinds of food, registered dietitian and personal trainer Barbara Fine told the website, citing a need for less coffee as an example.

The end of Lent has been observed on Holy Thursday, the day before Good Friday, since at least 1969, when the General Norms for the Liturgical Year and the Calendar were released, writes Scott P.

But the traditional ending takes place on Holy Saturday (April 19), the day before Easter Sunday.(The Lent period is different for Eastern Churches, which begin practicing it on Clean Monday, two days before Ash Wednesday.)Though a Christian observance, Lent has also been embraced by non-religious people who set out challenges by denying themselves substances such as heavy food, alcohol, sugar and caffeine.

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