Matthew mcconaughey dating penelope cruz

So the pair, who remain firm friends since splitting earlier this year, sat down for dinner together at one of Madrid's most exclusive hotels following the Collateral screening. He winds up getting into the sports gambling business only to be recruited by Pacino's character, who runs one of the best sports-booking operations in the country.

But fans hoping for a reunion are set to be disappointed - Cruise has publicly expressed his desire to find a new woman and Cruz is reportedly dating actor Matthew Mc Conaughey. Piven will star as the original main man in Pacino's gambling operation who is replaced by Mc Conaughey's character. » Miss Congeniality star Sandra Bullock and her beau Jesse James have sparked speculation they're planning to wed, after they were spotted shopping for diamond rings.

The marriage would mark the third trip down the aisle for TV tough guy James, while it would be the first for Bullock, who in the past has been romantically linked to Tate Donovan, Matthew Mc Conaughey and Ryan Gosling.

» Sundance Film Festival PARK CITY -- "Tiptoes" is all left feet, the result of a clodhopper story that seemingly doesn't know where it wishes to tread.

Unfortunately, this inventive and unique story line lurches all over the place, stumbling in different directions.

» Actress Penelope Cruz has heightened reports she's dating Matthew Mc Conaughey after she was spotted kissing the movie hunk at a London concert.» Spanish siren Penelope Cruz's Hollywood dream is hinged on the success of upcoming movie Sahara - after her previous films failed to catapult her to the top of the acting ' A' list.Tom Cruise's sexy girlfriend is said to be deeply disappointed that films such as Captain Corelli's Mandolin and Vanilla Sky failed to elevate her to the same status as his ex-wife Nicole Kidman.Hollywood star Tom Cruise had an expected thrill when visiting Madrid for the Spanish premiere of his latest film Collateral - a night dining with ex-girlfriend Penelope Cruz.Although Spanish Cruz now lives in Los Angeles, she jetted back to her homeland to shoot an advertisement - and was reportedly eager to spend Tuesday evening catching up with Cruise. The Dan Gilroy-penned project finds Mc Conaughey as a star college football player who is at the top of his sport until he blows out his knee during a game, forcing him to choose a new profession.

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But the pair didn't let slip any secrets at the party - as a source explains: "Penelope didn't respond to questions about her supposed romance with Mc Conaughey.

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