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If you need to report suspected or known child abuse and/or neglect, STEP1: Immediately telephone the 24-hour DCF Child Protection Hotline at 1-(800)-792-5200 or local DCF office.You will find a directory of the DCF Area Offices at gov/dcf.Evidence gaps can exist whether or not a recommendation is made.In cases when the Task Force finds insufficient evidence to determine whether an intervention strategy works, evidence gaps encourage researchers and program evaluators to conduct more effectiveness studies.

Identified Evidence Gaps Results from the Community Guide review indicate sufficient or strong evidence of effectiveness for four interventions (i.e., child safety seat laws, community-wide information and enhanced enforcement campaigns, distribution programs, and incentive programs).Applicability Each of the effective interventions should be applicable in most of the relevant target populations and settings. The Community Guide does not conduct systematic reviews of implementation.However, differences in the effectiveness of each intervention for specific subgroups of the population could not be determined. Motor-vehicle occupant injury: strategies for increasing use of child safety seats, increasing use of safety belts, and reducing alcohol-impaired driving. Child safety seat laws require children riding in motor vehicles to be restrained in federally approved infant or child safety seats.Requirements vary by state based on a child’s age, weight, height, or a combination of these factors.

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