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The Aw brothers of Haw Par Villa also once owned the island and built a mansion which now stands abandoned.

Also known as Pulau Serangoon, this island is scheduled to be launched as part of the new Watertown Punggol that is located next to Punggol Waterway.

The only towering feature that is visible from a distance is the Raffles Lighthouse in shining white.

The Lighthouse has been operational since 1855 to warn incoming ships at night when they are reaching the shore or shallow waters.

The message they convey is quite clear and have helped in formulation of affirmative circumcision policy statements by major international and national organizations such as the American Academy of Pediatrics, the WHO, UNAIDS, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Circumcision Academy Australia over recent years.Open Journal of Preventive Medicine 2012; 2: 79-92. paper ID=17415 • American Academy of Pediatrics 2012 policy statement.2012 AAP Policy • Circumcision Rates in the United States: Rising or Falling?The island has restricted access to the public but the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore organises the Singapore Maritime Week every year.The SMW is Singapore’s biggest maritime event hosting conferences and numerous activities.

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